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MyZuzah - A Mezuzah for your Dorm Room!

MyZuzah is an international organization committed to providing high quality mezuzot for all Jews. Here at UR we proudly partner with MyZuzah to provide mezuzot for all Jewish students, free of charge!, for proud display during your time on campus. Putting a mezuzah on one's doorpost has been a Jewish tradition for thousands of years - connecting us, and providing a type of mystical protection.

The heart of a mezuzah is the scroll inside, handwritten by a sofer (scribe), containing passages from Devarim, in the Torah, about our commitment to one God who cares for and protects us. MyZuzah is committed to using only fair trade scrolls, produced by scribes who make a living wage for doing this sacred, holy work.

Interested in having a MyZuzah for your dorm? Great! Please contact Solomon Zisser to get started.

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