Jewish Student Life


In the spirit of Meliora – Ever Better, we have found our students have great interest in both formal and informal Jewish learning. We strive to organically infuse opportunities for Jewish learning into ongoing Hillel life, and even our social media posts. Our primary Jewish education initiative is the Jewish Learning Fellowship (JLF). A program of Hillel International, students who participate in JLF spend 10 weeks delving into traditional Jewish texts and putting them in the context of their lives as college students. Learning takes place in large group discussions as well as in Chavruta, Jewish study partnerships.

JLF Courses - Spring 2021 - Courses underway!

Courses offered the week of February 8 - April 19, facilitated by Hannah Pomerantz. Stipend given upon completion.

  • Life’s Big Questions: This course focuses on asking and exploring big questions that help orient a life well-lived. Who am I? What communities am I a part of? Who am I responsible for and why? What is worth committing myself to and why? While these are universal questions, JLF provides the framework for thinking about them through the unique and special light of Jewish texts and traditions.
  • Judaism as Art: This course asks questions such as "Can Jewish spiritual practice be understood as a kind of art? and "How can the artistic process illuminate Jewish living?" To address these questions, participants will look at some of the themes that have occupied modern art production and consumption, in particular - the presence or absence of the author, the possibility of creations going out of control, the tensions between discipline and creative spontaneity in art production, and the poetics of darkness and light. Together we will explore common themes between classical Jewish texts and modern art, and imagine a new intersection between Judaism and art. No prior experience in art production necessary!, though personal experience is always welcome.
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